Problem with iMXRT1064 EVK + RIVERDI RVT70HSTNWC00-B 7inch display + GUIX

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Problem with iMXRT1064 EVK + RIVERDI RVT70HSTNWC00-B 7inch display + GUIX

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We are facing similar issue like this thread ->



- 1024*600 display(RGB 565) - will convert it to RGB 888 later

- Using HS/VS mode instead of DE mode - As per RIVERDI display datasheet(attached)

- Started with sample example of RK043FN02H-CT display panel


Question -1: Are below setting correct?


#define APP_HSW 1
#define APP_HFP 16
#define APP_HBP 160
#define APP_VSW 1
#define APP_VFP 1
#define APP_VBP 23



Below postDivider cannot be changed to 16 - We need Clock between 44.3 to 63.  postDivider = 16 does not make any change in the clock. Is there any limitation to below equation? When I use loopDivider = 27 and postDivider = 8 - screen glows to white.



When I do additional changes for clock - as per below snip - screen stopped glowing white but show few random lines. My frame buffer was not fully set as I did not use SDRAM for frame buffer.



I have tried to use SDRAM(32MB) area for Non-Cachable region to store Frame buffer. Configured SDRAM to 27MB and allocate 5MB to Non-Cachable region. Is there any issue with this configuration? When I used SDRAM region like this - screen stopped glowing white - nothing on the screen - even some debug print stopped coming.



I even tried with above setting and stopping I & D cache like below



Question - 4:

Is it okay to use -> #define FRAME_BUFFER_ALIGN 32 ? In example provided with imxrt1064 evk - it is 64.


Can someone please help us? We are trying to solve above issues for many days without any luck.

Thank you in advance!

- CS

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