imx8qm rev A0

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imx8qm rev A0

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i have here a board with imx8qm, 



Chip should be one of the first imx8qxp, A0

With recent imx-mkimage and mfgtools, only B0 is supported.

Could anyone provide me proper version of imx-mkimage and uuu tool to flash it ?

On uuu, libuuu/config.cpp, i have changes type 0x0002 to 0x0001, i can flash now but i get 


emplace_back(ConfigItem{"SDPS:", "MX8QXP", nullptr, NXP_VID, 0x012F, 0x0002});
emplace_back(ConfigItem{"SDPS:", "MX8QM", "MX8QXP", NXP_VID, 0x0129, 0x0001});


5:11>Start Cmd:SDPS: boot -f ../../imx-mkimage/iMX8QM/flash.bin

I suspect the flash.bin i created (since mkimage is setting rev B0) is not appropriate.

Every help very welcome.



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Hi @Brian 

It's incredible a quite expensive chip sold on 2017 is not supported.

I see that as a first go, NXP checks on some tables there if something is "supported" or not.

Even if a chip would be EOL, still the producer may indicate tools version for it.

Btw, good to know, will drop this imx8qm board in the garbage.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi @_angelo_

Thank you for contacting NXP Support.

Unfortunately, iMX8QM rev. A0 is no longer supported. I suggest contacting where you bought the board to look for the correct tools and software.

Have a great day!

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This board is very expensive, old, but totally new. An imx8qm is really expensive chip too.

Please help me find out proper uuu/mkimage versions for this cpu. "It is no more supported", ok, but 
some working versions of the tools must exist. Plaese help me or i have to figure this out hardly by myself. 


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