imx vpu library and firmware issue and upgrade

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imx vpu library and firmware issue and upgrade

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Hello, I'm working a on a project built around the imx6q and recently upgraded gstreamer (1.20.4), gst-imx (2.1.0), libimxvpuapi (2.2.1), and with the new versions it required libimxdmabuffer (1.1.2). The VPU library and firmware binary I have are fairly old, and I have been struggling to find a working newer version. I have tried a few source, and binaries for it that I have found online but none seem to work properly. The closest I got was with a firmware-imx-5.4.bin I found which had just the binary, then using the older source I got it to load, but now I cannot do a 1920x1080 stream encoding without getting a large green strip along the bottom. I can change the resolution and it goes away at smaller resolution (may be related to ipu tiling?) but at 1920x1024 it works fine, just at a reduced fps (20). At 1920x1080 it'll run 30fps, but there is a green strip across the bottom of the image, and slight color sunbursts effects around colored objects. These bad visual effects are not visible at lower resolutions like 1280x720 (30fps).

I'm wondering where can I find the latest firmware-imx and library source download, and any guidance on this issue? 


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

You can sync a yocto project and find such bb file in sources:


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