iMX8Quad Gstreamer Interpipe support

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iMX8Quad Gstreamer Interpipe support

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Hi There !

The project I am working in requires dynamic pipelines, like what is shown here -


So far I have not had any luck getting this working for the iMX8QuadMax. As a test I created this pipeline - 

gst-launch-1.0 filesrc location=/run/media/sda1/h264_test_stream.ts ! video/mpegts ! tsdemux ! queue ! h264parse ! v4l2h264dec ! interpipesink name=camera0 forward-events=true forward-eos=true sync=false interpipesrc listen-to=camera0 ! imxvideoconvert_g2d ! waylandsink

Which returns an error - gst_inter_pipe_sink_get_caps:<camera0> Failed to obtain an intersection between upstream elements and listeners. I also tried modifying the GTC2020 media server example, see attached. That results in a cap error 


** (gstd:1913): CRITICAL **: 00:30:20.490: gst_video_info_from_caps: assertion 'caps != NULL' failed
0:00:09.788343495 1913 0xffffa813a370 WARN waylandsink wlvideoformat.c:145:gst_video_format_to_wl_dmabuf_format: wayland dmabuf video format not found
0:00:09.788443995 1913 0xffffa813a370 WARN videopool gstvideopool.c:215:video_buffer_pool_set_config:<waylandpool0> no caps in config


Looks like the waylandsink is having trouble reading the caps through the interpipe


Has anyone had any luck doing this ? If its currently not supported in the NXP gstreamer plugins, is that something we can pay (NXP) to have implemented ? 

Thanks in advance,




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