iMX8M Mini - Offloading OpenSSL and Key pair operations

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iMX8M Mini - Offloading OpenSSL and Key pair operations

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Does some-one know how to integrate OpenSSL and cryptodev/CAAM, for the part of key management (especially generation of private key without leaving CAAM) ?

I'm running Linux 5.4.47 on an iMX8M Mini, and did read the i.MX Linux® User's Guide, section 10.4 (OpenSSL offloading).

I'm trying to figure out how to generate a keypair, and get the public key out for signing by the PKI. And how OpenSSL can use these keys by offloading encryption/decryption.

Is it already part of the BSP?
Or should I use something like AN12838 (Strengthening Public Key Cryptography using CAAM Secure Key) ?
Or maybe AN12632 (Enhanced OpenSSL on i.MX 8M and i.MX 8MM) is the way to go...

There's a lot of info and demo's around, but I can't figure out what to use in a production environment.



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Hi Thomas, 

Unfortuneately not, we decided to let it rest for a while.
I think it should be possible, however.

In the meanwhile we are upgrading to the newest NXP BSP.

Did you find any other documentation that could be of interest ?


BG Jeroen.

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Hi Jeroen

did you made any success?


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