i.mx 25 linux power management issue with Xfbdev -keybd

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i.mx 25 linux power management issue with Xfbdev -keybd

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Dear all,

             We are facing linux power management failures .Our h/w and s/w details are

                   ARM                   --------      i.mx25

                   LTIB                    --------     L2.6.35-11-01-00_ER

                   Linux kernel         --------     Linux - 2.6.31

                   Cross compiler     --------     arm-none-linux-gnueabi-* ( version-4.4.4)

          We make the LTIB for Gnome desktop environment.For normal follow it was working fine.

But when we are using the Power management (echo mem > /sys/power/state) our device going to sleep.

But after wakeup  'Xfbdev' not resuming properly.

Our Xfbdev cmd is

          "Xfbdev -mouse tslib,2,device=/dev/input/ts0 -keybd keyboard,,device=/dev/input/event0"

What we observe that, when we pass "-keybd keyboard,,device=/dev/input/event0"  to Xfbdev resuming fails

(This event0 our devise specific keyboard event ).

We checked linux standardised usb keyboard driver along with lenovo usb keyboard ,but same issue appears.

Note : If we kill the Xfbdev and run once again  its working normally.If we again going  to Power management Xfbdev resuming  fails.

Thanks and regards,

Kilaru.Ramakrishna Rao

Visiontek Pvt ltd.


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You've posted in the wrong forum.

The purpose of this one, as detailed at the top of the page is "If you have general questions regarding community interaction and/or collaboration...".

You should post in the i.MX forums/ Click on "Home" at the top left and then click on:

i.MX Processors (imxcommunity)

That link won't get you to the right place though, as you then have to KNOW to click on the "Contents" tab, and then select the appropriate area for the processor you're using; in your case ... trying to paste the appropriate link in --- this forum software won't let me paste the right link in so you'll just have to go there yourself.

MODERATORS, can you move these misposted questions or do we keep telling people to re-post in the proper forums?

The same goes for the other two recent questions here.


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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Tom,  Thanks.  Yes, we move these to the right place as they come in. 

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