i.MX8QM Custom script for UUU

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i.MX8QM Custom script for UUU

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Hi, @AldoG

I used the KB post to create a similar script used to flash and run a Cortex-A53 app on my MEK. I encountered the following issue with the fatwrite step. My emcc config is below. Attached console output and script. Any suggestions, thanks in advance. 


=> mmcinfo
Device: FSL_SDHC
Manufacturer ID: 13
OEM: 14e
Name: R1J57
Bus Speed: 200000000
Mode: HS400 (200MHz)
Rd Block Len: 512
MMC version 5.0
High Capacity: Yes
Capacity: 27.4 GiB
Bus Width: 8-bit DDR
Erase Group Size: 512 KiB
HC WP Group Size: 8 MiB
User Capacity: 27.4 GiB ENH WRREL
User Enhanced Start: 0 Bytes
User Enhanced Size: 1.8 GiB
Boot Capacity: 8 MiB ENH
RPMB Capacity: 4 MiB ENH
=> mmc part
## Unknown partition table type 0


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


I see that the first problem is that it does not exist a FAT partition on your memory (eMMC or SD).

This because in the script that you're using you only load uboot, in the example I used I flashed the whole wic image which is already partitioned.

I think it may be possible to create all environmental variables at uboot and then boot into kernel, similar to this script:

Then create a FAT partition and then download and save the binary that you need to boot the cortex-A application.

Best regards,

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