i.MX Training - wall comments

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i.MX Training - wall comments

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50-cap.jpg A repository of training material on the i.MX family.
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Hi all.  FYI: Adeneo is offering its hands-on "Embedded Linux" training class using the iMX53 Quick Start Board from June 19-22 in Charlotte, NC.  I've never attended an Adeneo training course before, but from the companies I've reached out to they seem the most legit (we'll see).  Contact Mike Ruiz at mruiz@adeneo-embedded.com for more information.  Also see the course's website: http://www.adeneo-embedded.com/Training/Embedded-Linux (no idea why the June class isn't listed yet).  See you there!

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AMF-CON-T1633 Future Electronics: Adapting i.MX Processors to Different TFT Displays Using Future Electronics' Panel Interface Module and Linux Software Utility.

This class will demonstrate how to adapt muliple LCDs to the i.MX family parts. Future Electronics has developed software and an adapter board which allows interfacing almost any LCD to any of the i.MX development boards.

See this link for more details:

DWF Toronto - LCDs on i.MX