how to interface wifi module (453-00045C ) to mimxrt117x- evk

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how to interface wifi module (453-00045C ) to mimxrt117x- evk

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Hello, I trying to integrate wifi module (453-00045C) from laird  with EVK kit using SDIO protocol from sdk  2.12.0 wifi cli example but not able to get any signal 

so hardware connected wifi module to  EVK

SDIO_CLK------>U19G.D15 (mimxrt117x- evk processor)

SDIO_CMD----->U19G.B16 (mimxrt117x- evk processor)

SDIO_D0------->U19G.C15 (mimxrt117x- evk processor) 

SDIO_D1------->U19G.B17 (mimxrt117x- evk processor)

SDIO_D2------->U19G.B15 (mimxrt117x- evk processor)

SDIO_D3------->U19G.A16 (mimxrt117x- evk processor)

can anyone help on this ??    

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello @akash-lawande ,


Sorry for our delay reply!

Not sure if the issue has been resolved. 

I checked your connections of SDIO interface, it is no problem.

For communications between WiFi and MCU, please pay attention to IO Level on both sides. by default, on CPU side, SDIO IO Level is 3.3V. if you need 1.8V,  a jumper should be used on J55.




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