generating TFLITE models for iMX8+

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generating TFLITE models for iMX8+

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I am trying to run TFLITE models on a board that contains iMX8+ core (third party board, variscite).
basically I prepare an 8-bit quantized TFLITE model using tensorflow.lite.converter.

the model has at least some validity as I can compile it successfully for a different EDGE device.

however I fail to run it on the iMX8+ (at least not on variscite board).

I have a general question: before asking any specific question, is there any NXP guiding material on how to prepare TFLITE models for iMX8+ (restrictions, unsupported ops, versions and/or flags for the converter, etc.)?
or any post-processing is required for the file that tensorflow.lite.convert() generates?



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