Yocto Project : Linux source code.

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Yocto Project : Linux source code.

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Hello All,

I am interested to build the Image using yocto for SABRESD board. I have read the Freescale_Yocto_User_Guide.pdf and refer the tutorial available on community for yocto project build.

I have follow all the steps to download Yocto BSP using .repo and successfully downloaded BSP  Source  and freescale release layer.I have built the  the image fsl-image-test using bitbake and created the image and deploy image on SABRE SDP board and runs successfully and get the root login.

Now i want to modify the IPU, VPU dirver for this build. I didnt get any .C files for any of the driver in the fsl-community-bsp folder where it suppose to resides. I have not found and .C file for any of the driver in this folder.

Can any one guide where all the driver resides in the BSP folder or do we need to clone it for 3.0.35 kernel?

Please help me on this.



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Me too.

I like to have a copy of kernel and u-boot source code cloned on my machine, then I can re-configure it, rebuild it manually. But I don't know how to get it.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

under source folder you will *NOT* find any package source code.

That source is the recipe source that generates the package.

For example, the kernel.

The source code you find under fsl-community-bsp/source/meta-fsl-arm/recipe-kernel/linux/* is the yocto recipe for the kernel. The build/install/deploy recipe for the kernel.

So, if you want to develop using kernel as base, you must have a copy of this kernel from somewhere else. If you take a look at kernel recipe (for example meta-fsl-arm - Layer containing Freescale ARM hardware support metadata) it will download only SRCREV = "328597018dc58c4ffa38461db09e45bef62af227", it means a git commit hash.

So, if you create one commit over that hash, the default kernel recipe will *not* take your commit.

You can find the package tarball/git under fsl-community-bsp/downloads.

But, for kernel and u-boot I highly recommend you to have a separated folder for each kernel and u-boot that you will use during your development.

When you think you're done with development (or want to release a alpha/beta) you create your linux recipe, on your meta layer.

To build the kernel during your development cycle, you may use meta-toolchain.

you find a how to build kernel manually, a how to create you meta layer and other things on my Yocto Training.

The yocto source code is only "script" files that automatize the fetch/patch/configure/build/deploy/install process. The package source code itself is not under yocto source folder.

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