Who use the LTIB compiled UBIFS file system?


Who use the LTIB compiled UBIFS file system?

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Hello, everyone

          Now I use the LTIB compiler UBIFS, a series of configuration, compiled by rootfs.ubifs.img, but finally burning written into the NANDFLASH ( using NANDFLASH is MT29F4G08AAA ), reported the following error:

VFS: Cannot open root device" ubi0: rootfs0" or unknown-block ( 0, 0)

Please append a correct" root =" boot option; here are the available partitions:

          I was through the SD card login system, use the command flasheraseall / dev / MTD1 and nandwrite / dev / MTD1 rootfs.ubifs.img. Is my LTIB configuration information wrong? I am in the kernel configuration are hooked on the UBI file system support, in the Target Image Generation - > Options:

Choose your root filesystem image type

Target image: ( UBIFS ) - - - >

[ ] Run a command after building the target image

        ( 128KiB ) UBIFS physical erase block ( PEB ) size

        ( 126976 ) UBIFS logical erase block ( LEB ) size in Bytes

        ( 2048 ) UBIFS maximum logical erase block ( LEB ) count

        ( 2048) UBIFS minimum I / O unit size

              UBIFS compression type ( not support favor LZO ) ( UBIFS LZO compression ) -- >

       Who can help me?

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  Did you solve the problem?.. I have the same as you and I can't find how to fix it.

Thank you


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I'd recommend generating your ubifs image manually outside of LTIB. See below link for some tips. Is for an MX53, but concepts are the same for other devices.


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No one can help me?

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