Verify signed images from Linux user space

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Verify signed images from Linux user space

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I succeed to use the UBoot and kernel verification with the HAB API but I want to go further in sign verification.

I've two partitions and a mechanism to update the kernel (and rootfs) from the linux user space. What I want is to verify the authenticity of the kernel before burn it to the non-active partition.

The HAB API is in the boot ROM and, as far as I could find, it's not possible to use this API in the user space. Is it all right?

So I'm trying to do the verification my self:

- Read SRK in UBoot and transfer in the user space with the bootcmd

- Verify the two certificate with this SRK (CFS and IMG certificate)

- Verify the signature of the command and the kernel with openssl.

My questions are:

1) Do you think is it possible to verify the kernel in that way?

2) I don't know how to verify the CFS/IMG certificate 

3) The signature check failed with open SSL. Here are information:

      ivt.bin: interrupt vector for kernel

      linux.csf: csf file for kernel script to check the signature of the kernel image

            In code file I've: from 0x0 (beginning of the kernel to the end of IVT)

            Signature is the signature after IMG1_cert

            Certificate is the IMG1_ certificate

            response: "Verification Failure"

Thank you

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Hi @jb2 , we are currently asking ourselves exactly the same question. Have you found a solution to test the flash.bin or other signed boot artifacts from Linux against the blown SRKs? I would be interested in your solution.

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Hi @michael_glembot ,

Sorry I don't remember if I succeed and I no longer have access to the source code.


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NXP Employee



  We recommend to use the DM-crypt after U-boot and kernel are verified.

Use  app note  AN12714  (i.MX Encrypted Storage Using CAAM Secure Keys) 


Have a great day,





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Hi @Yuri,

Did you read @jb2 's question at all? And if so, did you understand them? There are over 600 views interested in a solution.