TI TPS65185 epdc pmic on i.MX7D Sabre

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TI TPS65185 epdc pmic on i.MX7D Sabre

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Now, I'm working on implementing support for the PMIC that I use with the epdc driver. My board has a TI TPS65185 EPDC PMIC.

By default, the 7d implementation has a sample for max17135. I'm trying to get TPS65185 working with the patch I found on nxp community.


My device tree changes:

tps6518x@68 {
compatible = "ti,tps6518x";
reg = <0x68>;
status = "okay";
* power sequencing for TPS65180/65181
pwr_seq0 = <0xe1>; /* [Vddh-seq=3 | Vpos-seq=2 | Vee-seq=0 | Vneg-seq=1] */
pwr_seq1 = <0x30>; /* [Vneg-dly1=3 |Vee-dly0=0] mSec */
pwr_seq2 = <0x33>; /* [Vddh-dly3=3 | Vpos-dly2=3] mSec */
* power sequencing for TPS65185/65186
upseq0 = <0xe4>;
upseq1 = <0x55>;
dwnseq0 = <0x1e>;
dwnseq1 = <0xe0>;

gpio_pmic_pwrgood = <&gpio2 31 0>;
gpio_pmic_vcom_ctrl = <&gpio4 14 0>;
gpio_pmic_wakeup = <&gpio2 23 0>;
gpio_pmic_intr = <&gpio2 22 0>;
gpio_pmic_powerup = <&gpio2 30 0>;

regulators {
regulator-name = "DISPLAY";

VCOM_reg: VCOM {
regulator-name = "VCOM";
/* 2's-compliment, -4325000 */
regulator-min-microvolt = <0xffbe0178>;
/* 2's-compliment, -500000 */
regulator-max-microvolt = <0xfff85ee0>;

V3P3_reg: V3P3 {
regulator-name = "V3P3";

The driver is probing fine. But the problem I'm facing is that only the Vneg voltage is being generated.

I'm not getting the proper power-up sequence running as given on page 13 of the datasheet.


I'm not even getting a login prompt. The kernel hangs somewhere in between.

My boot logs are attached below with tpstps6518x debug logs.

Anyone have any idea on what could be the problem here, please help asap.

Thank you.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Arsadhusain Momin,

I’m assuming you are referring to the patch from this thread:

So perhaps you already look at some of the information posted there, if not I would recommend that you do.

Since this PMIC is manufactured and supported by TI my recommendation would be contacting them through one of their support channels or forums to obtain information on what the matter could be.

My apologies for the inconvenience.


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