RT1176 PMIC_ON_REQ goes low after 5mS

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RT1176 PMIC_ON_REQ goes low after 5mS

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We are currently verifying that our design meets the power up sequence per the reference manual.  We are bypassing the internal DC/DC and all power rails come up in the correct sequence.  However, we have an intermittent issue that occurs sometimes during a brief power cycle.  The root cause appears to be the RT1176 "PMIC_ON_REQ" going low, about 5 mS after "VDD_SNVS_IN" goes high.

I can't seem to find anywhere in the reference manual that explains the cases when "PMIC_ON_REQ" would go low.  There is one mention of when the "DCDC_IN" goes below 2.6V that will cause “PMIC_ON_REQ to go low.  However, "PMIC_ON_REQ" still goes low and stays low even though “VDD_SNVS_IN” and “DCDC_IN” have remained stable throughout powerup. 

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi @mckaylund ,

ON/OFF is used to switch PMIC_REQ_ON to control power modes. A 4.7-kΩ to 10-kΩ series resistor can be used when the current drain is critical.




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