MfgTool fails to load updater when OTP_CRYPTO is burned

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MfgTool fails to load updater when OTP_CRYPTO is burned

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Presently, must be encrypted with one of two states (elftosb -z or elftosb -k) depending upon the initial state of the OTP hardware.

This presents two situations for failure during manufacturing:

1) A fresh FAB board will program OTP_CRYPTO and require a - z encryption to load

2) A previously burned OTP_CRYPTO will require a -k encryption to load

Rather than maintain two encryption states of, the OTP_CRYPTO should be refreshed after and before is loaded within MfgTool.

Is there a way to issue a device reset after the has been run? If not, what is the recommended way to streamline bit burning into the manufacturing process?

Again, if we can simply force an OTP refresh once burned, this would not be an issue.

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Erwin, please click Correct Answer/Helpful Answer if your question got answed.



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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

If the is encrypted by elftosb.exe with the option "-z -kcustomkey.txt", it should work on all boards no matter OTP_CRYPTO was blown or not. Actually, the is also using the same trick.

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