Issue in reading more than 28 bytes using spidev for iMX7D


Issue in reading more than 28 bytes using spidev for iMX7D

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I'm using iMX7D based board and trying to interface a device over SPI using a custom data exchange protocol. On the Host side, I'm using spidev to implement SPI Master functionality. I created a SPI node for ECSPI3 in DTB file and verified that /dev/spidevX.0 is created on Host. I'm using as a reference to create Host side code.

The communication with SPI slave device is configured to use SPI_MODE_1 at 10Mhz clock frequency. I can read and write up to 28 bytes without any issue. But when I try to use data transfer larger than 28 bytes, it fails (It actually transfers just 1 or 2 bytes).

To further isolate the issue, I've tested the same SPI slave device with the same Host side code running on a Raspberry Pi. With Raspberry Pi, I'm able to read and write more than 28 bytes without any issue.

So this seems an issue with the way SPI Master device is configured on iMX7. Could you please help me to solve or further debug this issue.


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It was an issue related to configuration in DTB file. The issue is solved now.


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