How to use Isupplicant for wifi on Android8.0

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How to use Isupplicant for wifi on Android8.0

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We are porting Android8.0 freescale release for a imx6q based custom board.
We are facing problems for wifi bringup on custom board.

Our custom board is having TI wl18xx wifi-bt module.

I got the information that there are two types of hidl for wifi-
1. Iwifi
2. Isupplicant

My understanding is that freescale release source comes with brcm & uses Iwifi hidl (source present at android_build/hardware/broadcom/wlan/bcmdhd/wifi_hal).
So to bringup wl18xx wifi using Iwifi, we required wifi hal code(similar as hardware/broadcom/wlan/bcmdhd/wifi_hal), which is not available.

I got some references where wl18xx wifi is brought up using Isupplicant and doesn't use android.hardware.wifi@1.0-service. If I make the similar changes in freescale release, wifi state machine crashes and android doesn't come boot properly.

Please let me know How can we remove the dependency on Iwifi & can use Isupplicant to bringup wifi on our board.



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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


Unfortunately, that problem is more related with the Android project and with the TI wl18xx wifi-bt module, we cannot provide support related to your problem since we do not have any information. For more information, we highly recommend you to go directly with Google or with TI. I apologize for the inconveniences this could cause to you.

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