Forlinx i.MX6Q single board computer version updates

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Forlinx i.MX6Q single board computer version updates

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Last May, Forlinx launched an ARM development board to market based on NXP i.MX6Quad processor. It proved to be an excellent item according to feedback of customers from both domestic and overseas markets.



But what is a problem is that this item is a high configuration board compared with the past products, and some customers think the price is a little expensive, thus we consider to simplify the base board to reduce cost.

Detailed changes are as below

ItemNew versionOld version
1PCB versioniMX6_Enveloe_20160121iMX6Q_IO_20150519
2Designing toolPADS 9.5Cadence 16.5
3SMTlow difficulty, single side patch, 0603high difficulty, double-side patch, 0402
4Power supplyMain power supply 5V+accessary power supply 12V12V
6Debug serial portDB9+10-pin x 2 connectors(1.8V level)Micro USB+3x 2.5mm pitch pin connectors
7LVDS1x dual-LVDS port1x dual-LVDS+1x single-LVDS
8LVDS backlightcompatible of manual adjusting and PWM backlgiht the backlight is fixed
9GPSperipheral mounted GPS moduleon-board GPS module
10RS-485peripheral mounted RS485 moduleon-board RS485 chipset
11Audiomake audio chipset as a module soldered audio chipset to base board
12audio jackPJ-325CPJ-3620
14General serial port   3.3V level3.3V level by default, but users could add power level switch circuit
15Memory card slot        dual-card slot, SD card+TF card or SD cardsingle card slot, SD/MMC card
16SDIO WIFI connectortwo, without soldering on base board by defaultone, without soldering on base board by default
17SDIO WIFI&BTupdated to module with two pcs of antennaschipset stopped production
18Hard-diskon-board 2.5'' hard disk which could be external mounted or fixedexternal mounted hard disk
19extra touch panelinavailablesupported
20Camerapower supply voltage: 1.5Vpower supply voltage:1.8V
21RTC batteryon-board CR1220CR2032
22Resistive touchingnone resistive touching panel control chipsetwith resistive touch panel control chipset

Which version do you prefer?

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