Explanation of pixel-bitrate, CSI1_PHY_REF clk and CSI1_CORE clk from MIPI-CSI2 in i.MX8M?


Explanation of pixel-bitrate, CSI1_PHY_REF clk and CSI1_CORE clk from MIPI-CSI2 in i.MX8M?

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I'm porting a new MIPI 4-lane camera with bayer raw format to i.MX8M. But the image doesn't come out. I would like to know the relationship between pixel-rate and the settings of IMX8MQ_CLK_CSI1_PHY_REF_SRC and IMX8MQ_CLK_CSI1_CORE_SRC.

My camera been configured by follow settings:

  • The camera use 4-lanes to output Bayer RAW, DPHY=400MHz, 800Mbps.
  • The current pixel rate is: 1920x1080x30fps= 62,208,000 pixels/second.
  • The pixel format is RAW8, bitrate is: 62,208,000x8 = 497,664,000bps.

And for the MIPI-CSI2 receiver settings on i.MX8 (fsl-imx8mq.dtsi) is:


Q1. Should the PHY_REF clock be configured by 200MHz, 400MHz or 800MHz, when my camera is running at 400MHz/800Mbps?

Q2. Do you named 4-lane mode by Quad Pixel Mode?

Q3. To set the MIPI-CSI core_clk properly, it should be faster than the actual bitrate at single lane: 496,664,000/4 = 124,416,000bps, or just faster than 496,664,000bps?

Q4. According to this thread, I could  modify device tree and IMX8MQ_CLK_CSI1_CORE_SRC by clk-imx8mq.c?


I'm studying the reference manual, and got confused by clk, clk_ui descriptions and the device tree parameters:

Q5. Which clock is mapped to IMX8MQ_CLK_CSI1_CORE_SRC? the clk or clk_ui?


The current progress of my porting is I'm stuck at mx6s_capture.c, so I'm trying to find out if all the clock had been settle properly.

the IRQ handler been triggered several times, but no any image comes to buffer (mx6s_csi_frame_done() not been called ever). And there's no error bit been set in status register (CSI_CSISR).

static irqreturn_t mx6s_csi_irq_handler(int irq, void *data)

 if ((status & BIT_DMA_TSF_DONE_FB1) &&
 (status & BIT_DMA_TSF_DONE_FB2)) {
 /* For both FB1 and FB2 interrupter bits set case,
 * CSI DMA is work in one of FB1 and FB2 buffer,
 * but software can not know the state.
 * Skip it to avoid base address updated
 * when csi work in field0 and field1 will write to
 * new base address.
 * PDM TKT230775 */
 pr_debug("Skip two frames\n");
 } else if (status & BIT_DMA_TSF_DONE_FB1) {
 mx6s_csi_frame_done(csi_dev, 0, false);
 } else if (status & BIT_DMA_TSF_DONE_FB2) {
 mx6s_csi_frame_done(csi_dev, 1, false);

I'm also checked the CSI_CSICR[31:16] for the "frame count", and the value is not zero, and not matched with the frame count inside the output_frame_count register of camera.

Thanks and looking forward for your reply.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

i.MX8M processor has 2 MIPI-CSI2 interfaces.
Each one support up to 4 data lanes
It supports from 80Mbps to 1.5Gbps data rate in high speed operation
Amd it supports 10Mbps data rate in low power operation

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