Does imx8qm can decode video in RGB/BGR format?


Does imx8qm can decode video in RGB/BGR format?

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I have IP-camera that output h264 stream connected to IMX8 quad max

And I'm doing a computer vision but I found out that Gstreamer's plugin 'imxvideoconvert' can't convert videostream to 3-Byte format (acceptable by neural nets).

Currently I can recieve RGBA and convert it to RGB. If I do it myself in code it will spend up to 100% of CPU core time. It leaves no space for other computations.

`gst-inspect-1.0 -a |grep imxvideoconvert` shows that outputs colors may be 2-byte or 4-byte only.


I've briefly read but I could find any relative info there. Moreover it uses $video_decoder_plugin that's not declared anywhere.


What is fastest way to get raw video in BGR/RGB format?


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello korabelnikov,

One can test with nxp version of gstreamer plugins : imx-gst1.0-plugin using

sect.7.3.15 Video conversion on the Linux Guide.

Make sure that you are working with the latest BSP.

it can be posted on gstreamer-imx github page :




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Thank you for a fast response,

I just checked first tip, went to linux use guide

7.3.15 Video conversion
There are three video conversion plugins, imxvideoconvert_ipu, imxvideoconvert_g2d, and imxvideoconvert_pxp


first two absent in my gstreamer, third doesn't support 3byte formats


I just started build 5.4.47 instead of 5.4.24. Does new build may help?


Also i've created issue on the github

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