Building Kernel for Android

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Building Kernel for Android

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I notice that there are two kernels under the Android Release Notes (Android™ Release Notes (, mainly Linux 5.10.72 kernel and Generic Kernel Image (Linux 5.10.66). I am trying to obtain the kernel (with debugging symbols) for my own testing, but the one loaded onto the board seems to be Linux 5.10.66 (checked using the uname -a command).

I found a vmlinux in the output folder, but the vmlinux seems to be for Linux 5.10.72, and I am unable to find the kernel for Linux 5.10.66.

May I know how can I compile an android that is using Linux 5.10.72, or obtain the kernel image (with debugging symbols) for Linux 5.10.66?

Thank you in advance!

The evaluation board I am testing on is iMX8M Quad.

uname -a output:

Linux localhost 5.10.66-android12-9-00021-g2c152aa32942-ab8087165 #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Jan 14 17:35:16 UTC 2022 aarch64

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