Armhf linux for iMX6ul evk


Armhf linux for iMX6ul evk

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Good afternoon. I need to make armhf linux for iMX6ul. When I bitbake image-core-base, then "uname -a" command return that system has armel architecture and noway to install armhf package with apt-get. How can I configure bitbake to create the armhf linux with frame-buffer, but without x-server or wayland.

I thought that iMX6ul is armhf CPU...

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Vladislav Redin,

Armhf is a Debian port, you can find more information below:

The BSP release is not based on Armhf but there is a demo which may help. You can find more information on the Community Document below (please download the attachment as it contains the document with instructions and some .deb files)

I hope this helps!


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