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tarball created by Curtis Wald and Leonardo Sandoval containing patches to fix ltib issues for Ubuntu 12.04.


Steps to use this tarball


# go to ltib folder

$ cd <ltib full path>


# untar the tarball

$ tar -xzvf ubuntu-ltib-patch.tgz


# go to untared folder

$ cd ubuntu-ltib-patch


#install patches

$ ./install-patches.sh <ltib full path>



You above steps are contained in this script:




so instead of typing them manually you can execute the following command


curl -L https://community.freescale.com/servlet/JiveServlet/downloadBody/93455-102-2-2825/patch-ltib-ubuntu1... | bash


under your ltib folder.


what issue would be fixed?

there are several issues which are patched. Please check all .patch files to see what is being fixed.

thanks Gonzalez,

           i have try to build ltib on ubuntu 12.04, it woule be failed if didn,t patch this patch.

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