iMX5 system 80 interface LCD driver based on IPUV3

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iMX5 system 80 interface LCD driver based on IPUV3

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iMX5 system 80 interface LCD driver based on IPUV3

The attached is the document and sample code for iMX5 system 80 interface LCD driver based on IPUV3.

It is based on iMX51 2.6.31_09.12 BSP (SDK 1.7), tested on iMX53 3-Stack board.

1. Description

This is Smartlcd driver for Freescale MX51 SDK1.7 release. (Kernel: 2.6.31_09.12.00/01) 

2. File List

-- Smartlcd_giantplus_4_IMX51_Linux_2.6.31_09.12.01.patch: SmartLCD panel support patch, and unit test code.

-- Sample.config: the config file for reference.

-- readme.txt: this file, please refer to it before use the package.

-- SmartLCD Structure.pptx: the basic structure for smartlcd on IPUv3.

3. Requirement

- MX51_3DS Green board(TO2.0) - No hardware rework needed, only need plug the giantplus GMA722A0 to J10.
- MX51 SDK1.7 release package - L2.6.31_09.12.00_SDK_source.tar.gz

4. How to use

4.1 How to use demo

-- Program default redboot.bin to board via ATKtools

-- Copy attached zImage to tftp folder (assume /tftpboot)

-- extract default rootfs to NFS folder (assume /nfsroot)

-- COPY attached imx51_fb_test to ~/unit_test folder.

-- Power on the board

-- After redboot is boot up, use following command to boot up linux kernel
   load -r -b 0x100000 zImage
   exec -c "noinitrd console=ttymxc0 root=/dev/nfsroot rootfstype=nfsroot nfsroot= rw ip=dhcp"

-- Once the linux kernel launched, run following commands to test smartlcd panel.
   cd /unit_tests

4.2 How to use source code

-- Current release code is based on L2.6.31_09.12.00_SDK_source.tar.gz. Extract the file to your working folder.

-- Entering the working folder and type "./install", select a folder to install ltib. (such as .../ltib)

-- Entering ltib folder and type "./ltib" to build Linux platform.  If you are not familiar with this setp, please refer to doc "i.MX_3Stack_SDK_UserGuide.pdf" for detail.

-- Entering folder ".../ltib/rpm/BUILD/linux", copy "Smartlcd_giantplus_4_IMX51_Linux_2.6.31_09.12.01.patch" from release package to current folder
   Run command "patch -p1 < Smartlcd_giantplus_4_IMX51_Linux_2.6.31_09.12.01.patch"

-- When complete, run command "make ARCH=arm menuconfig", and you can refer to attached sample.config for detail.
   * enable
   Device Drivers ----> Graphics support ----> [*]   Asynchronous Panels  
                                         ----> [*] GiantPlus 240x320 Panel
   * disable
   Device Drivers ----> Graphics support ----> [ ]   Synchronous Panel Framebuffer
                                        ----> Multimedia support    ----> [ ]   Video For Linux
   -- Run command "make ARCH=arm" to build kernel. 

4.3 How to do SMARTLCD driver test

-- After Smartlcd_giantplus_4_IMX51_Linux_2.6.31_09.12.01.patch applied, there will be an folder "IMX51_TEST" under linux.

-- Go to that folder, and run "make ARCH=arm", imx51_fb_test will be created.

-- Copy imx51_fb_test to rootfs/unit_test. and run.

5. History


6. Known Issue

-- V4L2 not working yet.

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