i.MX 7Dual PCIe Certification Quick Guide

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i.MX 7Dual PCIe Certification Quick Guide

i.MX 7Dual PCIe Certification Quick Guide


The purpose of this document is to collect general information about PCIe certificaton (Tx only) on i.MX 7Dual SabreSD board.

Test Procedure

Please refer to "PCIe Certification Guide for i.MX 7Dual" for more details about test procedure.

Software Configuration

PCIe certificaiton requires PCIe module to keep clocks always on. So software needs to enable "CONFIG_PCI_IMX6_COMPLIANCE_TEST" by default for the certification.

Appropriative PCIe reference clock generator is recommended for certification. i.MX differential clock is not compliant with PCIe standard. So external reference clock is recommended for PCIe certification. i.MX 7Dual SabreSD board enables external reference clock by default and  and i.MX 7Dual default BSP has also adopted external reference clock as PCIe clock source by default.


Test Report

Please see attachment for i.MX 7Dual PCIe certification test report for Tx based on the following configuration:

  • Software Image: L4.1.15_1.2.0_ga internal candidate image with enabling CONFIG_PCI_IMX6_COMPLIANCE_TEST configuration for Kernel image.
  • Hardware: i.MX 7Dual SabreSD board.
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