I.MX6 series USB Certification Guides

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I.MX6 series USB Certification Guides

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I.MX6 series USB Certification Guides

1.  Software change for Certification Test

Compared to standard Linux/Android release, you may need to do below software changes to implement the certification tests, it is applicable from imx_3.10.31_1.1.0 Linux BSP GA release, for the release before that, user may need to apply the related patches before doing below things, and some examples may be different for former releases, the user needs to change accordingly. See the detailed information in this document “How to do USB Compliance Test for 3.10.y kernel”.

And there is also a link describes the patch for USB Certification Test:

Patch to make i.MX6DQ USB to support test modes for certification test

2. I.MX6 series USB Certification Guide


Include the descriptions of all the Certification Test requirements, equipment, procedures for I.MX6 series. For example, Host/Device High Speed Eye Diagram Test(眼图测试).


3. Description of USBCertification related Registers

AN4589 Configuring USB on i.MX 6 Series Processors



4. I.MX6Q/I.MX6DL/I.MX6SL/ I.MX6SX Certification Reports, see attachments


5. Checklist and TPL, see attachments.

Original Attachment has been moved to: I.MX6SX-Checklist-and-TPL.zip


Simple way to do the High Speed Host Electrical Test(including Eye Diagram) without PID/VID Test Fixture:

Use memtool to set the USB PHY registers Port Status & Control (USBC_n_PORTSC1)directly to output the specified pattern, make sure a HS device is connected to DUT before setting, otherwise system might crash.

memtool 0x2184184 1                           //read the register settings, address of the other USB port is 0x2184384

memtool 0x2184184=0x18441205      // Force to output Test Packet for Eye Diagram Test   

memtool 0x2184184=0x18411205      //Force to output J_STATE

memtool 0x2184184=0x18421205      // Force to output K_STATE

memtool 0x2184184=0x18431205      // Force to output SE0 (host) / NAK (device)

memtool 0x2184384=0x18001305      // Force to output Reset

memtool 0x2184384=0x18001285      //Ho Force to output Suspend

memtool 0x2184384=0x18001245      // Force to output Resume


Hi Fei,

Do you have i.MX6 POP Package certification report ?

Hi NXP team, 

We have worked on iMX6Q with Android 6.0 based on kernel 4.1.15, we need to pass USB-IF Certification.

I knew this patch for Kernel 3.10.y. In this case, we need to port it into newer 4.1.15, but we aren't sure if the patch

can work well on iMX6Q platform. 

Could you have new patches or guides for iMX6Q platform?

or Could you give us some suggestions to port the patch into 4.1.15 ?

Sorry for no enough time and experience to drive this thing. 

Please help us. I appreciate your responses. 



Hello Frank,

I could change the PTC filed in OTG Core with devmem, but couldn't change the Host1 Core's PTC filed with devmem? What's i missed?

Best Regards

bo xu

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