How to Add Ethernet UI Support in ICS

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How to Add Ethernet UI Support in ICS

How to Add Ethernet UI Support in ICS

How to add Ethernet UI support in ICS




1.  Introduction


If you want to add Ethernet UI support , you need manually apply the attached patches in this file which is based on Android ICS and i.MX6.

       About what the patches do, here is some comments:

  • framework/base-----0001-ENGR00220371-Ethernet-add-support-for-ethernet.patch

       By default, Android has no support for Ethernet UI. So if you want to add Ethernet UI , add Ethernet state tracker & Ethernet service & Ethernet manager & Ethernet monitor like WiFi. Meanwhile we need add Ethernet display support in status bar. Here this patch can solve it.

  • Build---0001-ENGR00220371-Ethernet-add-ethernet-support.patch

       add package directory compile.

  • packages\apps\Settings---0001-ENGR00220371-Ethernet-add-app-UI-in-setting.patch

       add UI logic in setting app.

  • packages\providers\DownloadProvider---0001-ENGR00220371-Ethernet-add-downloadinfo.patch

       add ConnectivityManager.TYPE_ETHERNET type support in download provider’s DownloadInfo.


2.  New feature detail


After applying the above patches, you will get the following features:

  • Icon for Ethernet connection status. If on, a green icon will appear in status bar; If off,no icon will appear.




  • Add “Ethernet configuration” UI.  Choose box is designed for turn on or off Ethernet.


  • Only Ethernet is turned on, Ethernet configuration can be configured static IP.



  • First boot, Ethernet device default may not be eth0. So change it from the device list.


Use It has updated and fixed the following issues compared with the previous two versions:


1. fix static IP not work issue.

2. fix dns using default issue.

3. eth0 is the default interface, no longer need to choose it from the list.

4. dhcp is default mode. and if you are using static IP. After reboot, it will restore to dhcp again.

5. no need to edit dns again.


List the bug list for update.

If using ethernet as upstream type, you need to apply the attached fix-use-ethernet-as-upstream.patch.


For JB4.2.2 and JB4.3, we have written one apk for this. Anyone who is interested in this can get it.

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