Export new symbols of GKI development Android 14

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Export new symbols of GKI development Android 14

Export new symbols of GKI development Android 14

The purpose of this document is to provide a guide on how to export new symbols using the Bazel Android server instead of the build_abi.sh script.

For a better reference how to build Android i.MX image please look at the next chapter 3 Building the Android Platform for i.MX in the Android User's Guide

1. Compile full AOSP or only kernel

Build full AOSP:

$ source build/envsetup.sh
$ lunch evk_8mp-eng
$ ./imx-make.sh -j8

 Only build the kernel:

$ ./imx-make.sh  kernel -j8

2. Generic Kernel Image GKI Development

Download GKI outside of android_build (MY_ANDROID).

# Make sure MY_ANDROID is set to the android_build folder. 
$ export MY_ANDROID=`pwd`
# mkdir gki && cd gki (Make sure folder gki is not inside of ${MY_ANDROID})
$ repo init -u https://android.googlesource.com/kernel/manifest -b common-android14-6.1
$ repo sync
$ cd common

3. Export New Symbols

Switch the kernel in this common folder from AOSP to its device, and apply the patches required for your project. In this case Android

$ cd common
$ git remote add device https://github.com/nxp-imx/linux-imx.git
$ git remote update
$ git fetch device --tags
$ git checkout android-14.0.0_1.2.0
$ cd ..
$ ln -s ${MY_ANDROID}/vendor/nxp-opensource/verisilicon_sw_isp_vvcam verisilicon_sw_isp_vvcam
$ ln -s ${MY_ANDROID}/vendor/nxp-opensource/nxp-mwifiex nxp-mwifiex
$ BUILD_FOR_GKI=yes BUILD_CONFIG=common/build.config.imx
$ EXT_MODULES_MAKEFILE="verisilicon_sw_isp_vvcam/vvcam/v4l2/Kbuild"
$ EXT_MODULES="nxp-mwifiex/mxm_wifiex/wlan_src"

Note: Be sure that your Symbolic Link is pointing to the correct folder

Open the Makefile in the following path ../gki/nxp-mwifiex/mxm_wifiex/wlan_src/ and erase some ifreq lines that will generate a No such file or directory error.

#Automatically determine Android version from build information to streamline diff --git a/mxm_wifiex/wlan_src/Makefile b/mxm_wifiex/wlan_src/Makefile
index 3ec5308..7b6ca47 100644
--- a/mxm_wifiex/wlan_src/Makefile
+++ b/mxm_wifiex/wlan_src/Makefile
@@ -139,20 +139,7 @@ CONFIG_ANDROID_KERNEL=y
-include $(ANDROID_BUILD_TOP)/build/make/core/build_id.mk
-ifeq ($(shell echo "$(BUILD_ID)" | cut -c1),R)
-      ccflags-y += -DANDROID_SDK_VERSION=30
-else ifeq ($(shell echo "$(BUILD_ID)" | cut -c1),S)
-      ccflags-y += -DANDROID_SDK_VERSION=31
-else ifeq ($(shell echo "$(BUILD_ID)" | cut -c1),T)
-      ccflags-y += -DANDROID_SDK_VERSION=33
-else ifeq ($(shell echo "$(BUILD_ID)" | cut -c1),U)
-      ccflags-y += -DANDROID_SDK_VERSION=34
-    # Default optimization or actions
-      ccflags-y += -DANDROID_SDK_VERSION
+ccflags-y += -DANDROID_SDK_VERSION=34

Then you could update the symbol list by typing the following command.

$ tools/bazel run //common:imx_abi_update_symbol_list

After the build process is successful, you should get an output like the image below.


Build GKI locally.

$ tools/bazel run //common:kernel_aarch64_dist

 You could follow the next chapters to update the GKI image to your boot image.


The dash is missing from the branch in repo init.
It should be modified as below.

$ repo init -u https://android.googlesource.com/kernel/manifest -b common-android14-6.1 

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