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All Board Android ADB

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All Board Android ADB


ADB is a tool for Android debugging. With ADB, you can install applications from you PC, copy files to/from your device, access console. You can access your device using an USB Cable, or through network (using an IP address).

You can take ADB from SDK [1] or inside <my_android>/out/host/linux-x86/bin/adb

I cannot see my device

  1. First checkpoint must be for ADBD. It´s the ADB daemon, and if it´s not running on your device, you will not be able to access it.
  2. Install and configure any USB driver [2] [3]
  3. Double check connection (USB cable, ethernet)
  4. Double check if debugging is on
  5. Double check if USB config is right (see how on User Guide)

Tips and Tricks

Turning on

Remember to turn debugging mode on:

Settings->Applications->Development->USB debugging

No Permission

When you get "no permissions" from ADB, you need to start server with your root user:

$ sudo /usr/share/android-sdk-linux_86/tools/adb devices

List of devices attached

????????????    no permissions

$ sudo /usr/share/android-sdk-linux_86/tools/adb shell

error: insufficient permissions for device

$ sudo /usr/share/android-sdk-linux_86/tools/adb kill-server

$ sudo /usr/share/android-sdk-linux_86/tools/adb start-server

* daemon not running. starting it now *

* daemon started successfully *

$ sudo /usr/share/android-sdk-linux_86/tools/adb devices

List of devices attached

0123456789ABCDEF    device

$ sudo /usr/share/android-sdk-linux_86/tools/adb shell

# ls



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Have updated from R9.3 to R10.4 and cannot connect adb via USB.  WinXP continues to see "MX51 BBG Android" and cannot locate necessary software for this device.  The R9.3 continues to load and connect via USB as Android Phone. - but the R10.4 appears as a new unknown device and cannot connect.  I have been through the R10.4 User Guide and reloaded and modified the .ini (0x15a2) and killed/restarted adb from both the PC and Android (device) in myriad permutations all to no avail.

I have checked getprop's and driver versions.  Nothing.  Simply "adb devices" cannot recognize the R10.4 Android Phone (mx51 BBG).

HELP!!!   :smileyconfused:  :smileycry:   ...any thoughts suggestions would be MOST appreciative.   (been two days on this issue - and still have the SDK update: dex issue to resolve)



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