eIQ Getting Started with i.MX RT

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eIQ Getting Started with i.MX RT

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eIQ Getting Started with i.MX RT

eIQ Development software for i.MX RT devices can be downloaded from https://mcuxpresso.nxp.com 


The current MCUXpresso SDK 2.14 release supports the following devices: 

  • i.MX RT500
  • i.MX RT600
  • i.MX RT1050
  • i.MX RT1060
  • i.MX RT1064
  • i.MX RT1160
  • i.MX RT1170


Full details on how to download eIQ and run it with MCUXpresso IDE, VS Code, IAR, or Keil MDK can be found in the attached Getting Started guide. 

For more information about eIQ and some hands-on labs for the i.MX RT family, see the following links:

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Hello! I tried running the cmsis_nn_cifar10 example from the SDK (configured to have eIQ) but it seems that the example has SDRAM and BOARD_SDRAM that overlaps (both starting at the same address and having the same size). When I try to adjust the memory to be the same as memory in example cmsis_nn_kws, the example is not writing in the right addresses. I also can't erase that memory. Can you please guide me to solve this issue?

Hi Ana-maria, 

   What board and what IDE are you using? Can you also share your modified linker file? 


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