TWR-KW2x secured and mass erase disabled, how to unsecure?

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TWR-KW2x secured and mass erase disabled, how to unsecure?

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I have a TWR-KW24D512 board and I programmed it with the Freescale test tool using the OpenSDA port. I just loaded a demo WirelessUART application in it.

It works fine but if I want to program it using JTAG i get the following message.

Kinetis (connect): Secured Kinetis device detected but mass erase is disabled.

Kinetis (connect): Failed to unsecure Kinetis device.

Abort debug session?

The environment is IAR.

How can I unsecure the device in IAR? please check the attachment for the error window.

Thank you!

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Hello Raheleh,

To unlock the KW24 device you may use the Jlink commander utility. Please go to segger’s website and download the Software and documentation pack for Windows.


After downloaded and installed, please open the JLink.exe file of SEGGER’s installation folder with Jlink connected to the PC and the TWR-KW2x board. A command window will prompt.

Using the command line, type “unlock kinetis”. You should see something as follows:


After done that, you should be able to use the TWR-KW2x board with IAR and Jlink without any issues.



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