Can NT3H2111 Read / Write Passive TAGs

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Can NT3H2111 Read / Write Passive TAGs

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Hi We are Working on a project with requirement to Read external Passive NFC Tags that are embedded in some product.  The Board was pre designed by my customer and is using NT3H2111. As per the customer, the hardware designer of the Board says that it is possible to read / write Passive NFC tags with this Device, I am trying to READ / WRITE the Tags but it not writing any thing on the TAG. When read the Passive TAGS with NXP TAG Info Android App, it says TAG is empty. I read lot of blogs / projects by people, but none mentions clearly if the Device NT3H2111 can READ / WRTE Passive tags.

Pls. let me know if we can read write passive tags with NT3H2111 DEVICE . if not, I  need to communicate to my customer in case we need to change the hardware design to a different device that can read Passive TAGS

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I just answered you in your other community question: Can NT3H2111 Read / Write Passive Tags


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