Ultra Low Cost Zigbee Evaluation Board

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Ultra Low Cost Zigbee Evaluation Board

Ultra Low Cost Zigbee Evaluation Board

Hello All,

I designed a ultra low low cost evaluation board (ULC-Zigbee) based in Kinetis wireless MCUs, take a look at the attached PDF for the brief description.  I was able to build three of them at ~$10USD each.


The ULC-Zigbee is covered under the GNU General Public License. The required files to build the board are attached, it measures 30 x 50mm.

My partner AngelC   wrote a sample code. The software basically communicates wirelessly the ULC-Zigbee board with a USB-KW24D512. An FXOS8700 is externally connected through the prototype board connector and the magnetic and acceleration values are then wirelessly transmitted to the USB stick, then the values can be printed in a HyperTerminal.

The attached zip file contains the following files:

File nameDescription
ULC-Zigbee-EBV_V10.pdfBrief description of the ULC-Zigbee board
ULC-Zigbee-EBV_V10.brdEAGLE v6.5 Board
ULC-Zigbee-EBV_V10.schEAGLE v6.5 Schematic
ULC-Zigbee-EBV_V10_SCH.pdfULC-Zigbee board schematic
ULC-Zigbee-EBV_V10_BOM.xlsxBill of materials
ULC-Zigbee-EBV_V10_GERBER_FILES.zipGerber files
WirelessUART_MKW2x_v1.3_eCompass_TX_v1.zipULC-Zigbee board sample software
WirelessUART_MKW2x_v1.3_eCompass_RX_v1.zipUSB-KW24D512 sample software



Hope it helps!




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