Beyond Studio Common Errors

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Beyond Studio Common Errors

Beyond Studio Common Errors

The “BeyondStudio for NXP” Integrated Development Environment (IDE) provides a platform for the development of wireless network applications to be run on NXP’s JN516x family of wireless microcontrollers.

For more details and installation guide.  JN-UG-3098 (BeyondStudio for NXP Installation and User Guide).

This document explains the common issues that the user will face when trying to develop a new application using BeyondStudio IDE.


First of all, be sure that you are working with the latest SDK version and application note. 



Import Problems

After you import some application note that you want to take as reference. 2.2 Importing a Project. BeyondStudio for NXP Installation and User Guide.


1. Wrong Path

A  common issue is a user uses another path for the installation of the SDK than the default one (C:\nxp\bstudio_nxp\workspace).

When trying to find the Makefile ("SDK/JN-SW-4168/Stack/Common/Build/"), the IDE uses a relative path, for that reason it assumes that the file is in the correct directory. As the path was changed, the file can’t be found.



2.Project Directory

After you select the Application Note (AN) you want to import remember that there will be an option for the JN517x as most of the projects are compatible between them (Zigbee 3.0, ZigBee Link Light).

Nonetheless, BeyondStudio is not compatible with the JN517x.  While importing the project you only must select the JN516x project and none of the options must not be selected.




Linking Errors

Open a source file (.c) or a header file (.h),  you will notice that the IDE shows a lot of errors even though the project has not been compiled yet.

The errors you are seeing is Eclipse not being able to resolve various variables and functions within the SDK.

You might see some errors like: Symbol “xxx” could not be resolved for example.

After starting the compilation process, look at the console log and notice that the bin file is being generated correctly.


Do not try to add another file in the path and Symbols trying to avoid all those errors; the IDE will look for the includes that the project needs.

If you used the default path location, it will not have any problem with the compilation.

The OS_Gen, ZPS_Gen, and PDUM_Gen, for example, are all files automatically generated based on the configuration files, performing a clean will remove those files but will be created again after a new compilation.

File app.zpscfg Problems Encountered

The next error will appear if the Zigbee Plug-in is not installed.

Follow the installation procedure for the plug-ins

1.2.3 Installing the ZigBee Plug-ins BeyondStudio for NXP Installation and User Guide.

Look at the installation folder that is included in the SDK.


For a better reference the ZPS Configuration Editor provides a convenient way to set ZigBee network parameters ZigBee PRO Stack User Guide

I hope it helps.



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