Purchasing a NXP Cup Track

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Purchasing a NXP Cup Track

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Purchasing a NXP Cup Track

All information can be found in this document

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we will participate to the EMEA qualification in 2015.

So we saw that this year the racetracks are made with 2 black lines ( one in both side of the road)

BUT there are no racetrack models anywhere.

how can we do to buy or build our 2-lines racetrack to prepare us for the Freescale competition.

Thank you and sorry for my bad english


Hi, Racetrack information can be found on the community at https://community.freescale.com/docs/DOC-1092. You will find the measures and information to create your own.

Hi, you can find all the information related to both tracks under https://community.freescale.com/docs/DOC-1092


Realy tank you, i didn't see this DOC

Hi, I am in Taiwan
I want to stand in the freescale cup  but , I don't know how can I get the track ?

Please tell me

Thank you for your help !!

Hi, the original track can be purchased from Blue Genie in the USA. Contact information can be found Purchasing a Freescale Cup Track

I am not sure that there is a special supplier for Taiwan. Please send an email to tiger.chun@freescale.com as he is in charge of the Freescale Cup in Taiwan and might be able to help you.

Thank you very much for your answer
This information is really useful to me

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