Freescale Cup - Mounting a Tower System

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Freescale Cup - Mounting a Tower System

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Freescale Cup - Mounting a Tower System

First and foremost, be creative!! Below are just a few inspirational ideas.

Option #1 -

I cut-down (miter saw) a 4-position TWR-ELEVATOR to make this 2-position design. With the intent of having two boards mounted 1) TWR-PROTO and 2) MCU of choice (K40). If cutting PCB's with power tools is not your thing, you can buy a 2-position Tower Elevator here:

I just marked the holes on the back supportand drilled holes into the TWR-PROTO, a few stand-offs and viola!


Option #2 -

This option requires the removal of the rear spring. I am not sure how much value that spring honestly provides since most of the track is nice and flat.

If you have a newer TWR-ELEVATOR you usually find some way to mount it to the screw holes with some form of L-Bracket.

If you have an older TWR-ELEVATOR you can drill a hole in the Secondary Elevator (less PCB traces to worry about) and then mount it to the chassis with a L-Bracket.

Option #3 -

Check out this gallery of images:

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