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Acronym Decoder

Acronyms related to electronics and embedded systems.

Can't find the term you are looking for here?  Add it to the comments section below and I will research and add to this list.


ABIST-Array Built-In Self-Test

ADAM-Advanced Doherty Alignment Module  [a special module to do Doherty phase amplifers]

ADMA-Asynchronous Direct Memory Access

ADC - Analog to Digital Converter

APU-​Application Processor Unit

AWIC-Asynchronous Wake-up Interrupt Controller


BLE or BTLE - Bluetooth Low Energy

BME-Bit Manipulation Engine

BOM-Bill of Materials

BSP -Board support package. A group of files that are specific to a particular type of processor on a particular type of board. It includes drivers.


CAN-Controller Area Network

CMSIS- Cortex™ Microcontroller Software Interface Standard

CMT-Carrier Modulator Transmitter

CPU-Central Processing Unit

CRC-Cyclic Redundancy Check


DAC- Digital to Analog Converter

DCSR-Debug configuration and status register​

DCU-Display Control Unit

DIMM-dual in-line memory module

DMA-Direct Memory Access

DPA-Doherty Power Amplifier​


eTPU-​enhanced Time Processor Unit

EWM - External Watchdog Monitor


FPGA-Field programmable gate array

FPU-Floating Point Unit

FRAM-Ferroelectric Random Access Memory​

FSM-Finite State Machine​

FTM-Flexible Timer Module


GPIO - General Purpose Input/Output

HID-[USB] Human Interface Device

HMI - Human Machine Interface


I2C-Inter Integrated Circuit​

I2S -Inter-IC Sound

IDE-Integrated Development Environment

IFC-​Integrated Flash Controller

IFTT-​Inverse Fast Fourier Transform

ICE-In-circuit emulator


JTAG - Joint Test Action Group

LED-Light Emitting Diode

LCD-Liquid Crystal Display

LVD-Low Voltage Detect


MAC-Media Access Control

mbed- Cloud based IDE for rapid prototyping

MCG- Multi-Clock Generation

MII-Media Independent Interface

MOSFET-Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor

MPU-Memory Protection Unit

MSD-mass storage device


NMI-Non-maskable interrupt

NVIC-nested-vectored interrupt controller

NVM-Non-volatile memory

OpenSDA-Open-standard Serial and Debug Adapter.


PCIe-PCI Express (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express)

PEx-Short form for the Processor Expert

PEG - Portable Embedded GUI

PGA- Programmable-gain amplifier

PIT-Periodic Interrupt Timer

PMC-Power Management Controller

PSP - Processor Support Package

PWM-Pulse Width Modulation


RNG - Random Number Generation

RoHS-Restriction of Hazardous substances

RTC - Real Time Clock

RTOS-Real Time Operating System

RRAM-​Resistive Random Access Memory


SCI-Serial Communications Interface (see also UART)

SDHC - Secure Digital Host Controller

SIM - System Integration Module

SPI-Serial Peripheral Interface


TDM - Tamper Detection Module

TPMS-Tire Pressure Monitoring System​

TSI-Touch Sensing Interface


UART - Universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter

WiMAX ​Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access

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