Liquid media for MPX sensors

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Liquid media for MPX sensors

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We would like to use the MPX sensors to monitor corrosive gas (the media gas)  pressure. We can insert a membrane to isolate the media gas from the sensor but the compressibility of air at the sensor side of the membrane isolator is limiting the measurement range, it would be much better if the sensor side was able to accept a liquid. Can any liquids (water, alcohol, oils etc) be used with the MPX sensors?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Bill,

In general, our pressure sensors were designed and are warranted for use in clean dry air only.  The gel coating on the die should not come in contact with moisture as when wet, the gel can swell and cause unreliable readings.  The gel must remain intact as it protects the active surface of the die and wire bonds from oxidation. This will affect the reliability and will damage the sensor in the long term.

We recommend the following application notes for more details about media compatibility, mounting techniques, and liquid level monitoring:

I hope this information can be helpful,

Have a great day,


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