SE05x as secure (data) vault for end user

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SE05x as secure (data) vault for end user

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Good day,

I'm evaluating the SE050E to see if it can be used to store end user data (keys) securely. For proof of concept I'd like to use a Raspberry PI, which connects over USB to an external device (PC). The SE050E devkit is attached to the Raspberry PI.

An application running on the Raspberry PI will interpret the commands from the PC and perform the necessary tasks on the SE050.

A new UserID needs to be created, with limited authentication attempts (5), from the PC. The end user of the system provides their own PIN.

To use the system the end user must provide their PIN to unlock the UserID profile.

If the authentication attempts are exceeded the UserID is locked permanently.

If RESERVED_ID_FACTORY_RESET was set during the creation of the UserID, the external application, running on the Raspberry PI, is able to delete the account.


Can you please confirm if the SE050E will meet the use case requirement:

-- Create new UserID,

-- UserID is inaccessible / disabled after authentication attempt limit was reached

-- Delete (locked) UserID (without knowing the PIN)



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi @frix .


Yes, SE050E meets your requirements.


Have a great day,

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