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      According to my latest project requirement CAN wakeup functionality also required for that as per  S32k RM VLPS cannot be used.

     And In STOP mode current consumption is about 6mA that too for CAN need to used PNET mode that I don't know how to configure.

     So I am going with VLPR mode to go into VLP mode and for that my wakeup source is pin buttons and any CAN message detection.

     So I have written the function from the AN5425 Power management manual to enter VLPR and exit from VLPR. But after going to VLPR it is consuming 10mA current and CAN also not working. After pressing the wake-up button CAN is working. So I need CAN work after going to VLPR to detect any message. How to do that?

And also how to reduce the current consumption of less than 1mA in VLPR. Please let me know.

Used modules are Timers, Adc, Lin, LPIT, Interrupt and CAN.


Shinde Umesh

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


you got an answer inCAN wakeup in VLPR .

Another info about FlexCAN in VLPR is given in RM chapter 53.1.5 FlexCAN Operation in Low Power Modes
"The FlexCAN module is operational in VLPR mode. With the 4 MHz system clock (in VLPR mode), the fastest supported FlexCAN transfer rate is 250 kbps. The bit timing parameters in the module must be adjusted for the new frequency, but full functionality is possible."

So before VLPR is entered the FlexCAN PE clock must be switched to SYSCLK (running from SIRC) using CTRL1[CLKSRC] and the bitrate must be reconfigured to have max 250 kbps, as writen above.

BR, Petr