S32K144 ADC with PDB Trigger

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S32K144 ADC with PDB Trigger

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I met a trouble with ADC samples.I use pdb0 and pdb1 trigger adc0 and adc1 to samples 16 channel ,and get ad value in ADC interrupt.The detailed initialization code is attached.But when the application run a period of time,the ADC samples seems to stop work.Sometimes this application goes into VLPS mode,before goes into VLPS the application clear PDBEN bit of PDB_SC to sure ADC doesn't work in VLPS.When the application wake by external interrupt,call pdb initialization function in external interrupt function.The MCU run with 8M Crystal oscillator,and CPU run at 80M. Please help me, Thanks a lot.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi @wy1064269382,

Do you see any PDB errors?

Before the MCU goes to VLPS, please make sure that the system clock is derived from SIRC and that all the other clock sources are disabled (SOSC, SPLL and FIRC), also, follow the steps in the RM, Section 43.8 Trigger selection.






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