FlexIO simulate UART

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FlexIO simulate UART

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I use FLEXIO to simulate UART serial port,and the driver type I set to using DMA,here is the configuration i set in PE.


After configuring it,i generate the code by PE and debug them,it's ok to send and receive data.

However,I want to configurate the FLlexIO  as UART   that with even parity  and with Idle Receive Interrupt,i don't know how to configure it.I have tried to configure the tx pin's bit count as 9 pit,and send 8 bytes data in software,when i debug,i found that it only receive a half of data ,

eg:i send the array a[8] = {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8} in my code,the UART debuger only receive {1,3,5,7},wthich is a half of data i sent.

Besides, I want to know whether the Flexio UART have the Idle receiver detect function.

I read the referance manual and can't not find information about that,who can tell me about that ,sincely thanks.

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