Flex CAN Message buffer Configuration

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Flex CAN Message buffer Configuration

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Hi ,

I have an NXP S32K142 EVB board. I had a code which works fine In FD mode with 64 bytes message configuration.

When I tried to configure the message buffer to 8 bytes or less than 64 bytes I couldn't see transmit signal in oscilloscope.

The change I made is configuring the FDCTRL.MBDSR0 = 00 to make message buffer as 8byte size. Is there any thing more to update to configure for 8 byte message buffer.



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


even if you set the memory buffer area to 64 payload, you can easily send 8 bytes only, just set the MB's DLC (Data Length Code) properly. Of course you have less number of MBs available.

If the payload configuration is changed using FDCTRL.MBDSR0, starting address of each MB is different, so you must be sure correct addresses are used. You can refer to chapter 53.4.5 of the RM for a MB's memory map for each payload configuration.

Do you use SDK driver or some own code?

BR, Petr  

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