startM7 command not working when trying to boot M7 from u-boot from .sdcard of bsp33 and any other v

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startM7 command not working when trying to boot M7 from u-boot from .sdcard of bsp33 and any other v

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yes, tried this bootM7 command but i didn't see that led glow, may I know mistake where I did?

these are the steps I followed till now

1)I built .bin file by following software enablement guide for blinking led. after doing configuration in IVT table I got two binaries a) Export image b) Export blob image

2)when I insert only "export blob image" by SD. LED turned ON. Only M7 core_0. Looks GOOD.

3)now I took Linux BSP 33   .sdcard file and ported into new empty SD card.  kept this export blob Image of blinking LED. Bin in FAT partition of BSP33 SD card.

4)I used these commands to boot both A53 with Linux and M7 with blinking led.

RAM start pointer is :0x34000000

RAM entry pointer is:0x34207000

5)Is there any problem with address values in u-boot commands when compared with above values? why LED is not glowing?



setenv xw_file Blinking_LED_RTD_M7_0.bin
setenv xw_load_addr 0x80000000
setenv xw_sram_address_m7_0 0x34000000
setenv xw_file_size 0x40000
setenv xw_load_firmware 'dcache off'; mw.q ${xw_sram_address} 0x0 0x100000;fatlo

ad mmc 0:1 ${xw_load_addr} ${xw_file};cp.q ${xw_load_addr} ${xw_sram_address_m7_0} ${xw_file_size};startm7 ${xw_start_addr}'
setenv xw_sram_address 0x34000000
setenv xw_start_addr 0x34501000
startm7 xw_load_firmware 


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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi, @Lee0202 

Thanks for the question

From the description, I have the following suggestions:

  1. In your step 3, use the raw binary instead of the blob image.
  2. since you want to use the startm7 to boot the M core application, from BSP perspective, the clock has been initialized, as a result, you may have to remove the clock init related callings from your own M core code.

Hope it helps


Best Regards


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