on-demand webinar Q&A: DDS and TSN - Dependable Communication using RTI Connext Drive®

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on-demand webinar Q&A: DDS and TSN - Dependable Communication using RTI Connext Drive®

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icon-onlineTraining.pngDDS and TSN: Where Software and Hardware Meet for Dependable Communication using RTI Connext Drive® ...

Communications within and beyond the car become more complex as vehicles evolve to be software-centric. The number of software components communicating within the vehicle continues to grow –accelerated by new autonomy, electrification, and connectivity requirements. Next-generation vehicle development depends on scalable, reliable, safe, secure, and performant in-vehicle communications. Both Data Distribution Service (DDS) and Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) standards provide the necessary building blocks through an approach combining technologies at the application software and network hardware levels.

Join the session to learn how your automotive system design based on S32G processors can benefit from a standards-based data-centric approach; leveraging the distributed connectivity of DDS while retaining the TSN network-level assurances in reliability, predictability, and flexibility.



Explore RTI Connext Drive®
Explore NXP GoldBox and NXP BlueBox 3.0


  • Get an overview of DDS and TSN, including the current status of their integration standardization and how they fit in automotive ecosystems like ROS2 and AUTOSAR
  • Learn how to design for guaranteed and predictable performance with reliable delivery using DDS QoS policies and TSN
  • Understand how DDS and TSN cooperate to deterministically separate safety-critical and best-effort data streams of an autonomous valet parking application in a Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) environment


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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi @mrchaoszjc,

The demo code is not fully open-source and requires NXP Time-Sensitive Networking hardware (S32G, SJA1110, i.MX8). The DDS-TSN integration in the demo relies on the commercial RTI Connext® DDS distribution from Real-Time Innovations. Furthermore, there is also a lot of custom NXP OSes, drivers and firmware software running on the networking nodes. Nevertheless, you can have a look at the open-source Autoware.Auto Autonomous Valet Parking, which can be used in conjunction with the LG SVL simulator.

Hope this helps!


Contributor I

How do I get the demo code?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi @mrchaoszjc,

I just wanted to point you to an open-source mini-demo we made to illustrate how DDS and TSN can be integrated on GNU/Linux. Check out https://github.com/NXP/dds-tsn.

Best regards,