S32 design studio install problems

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S32 design studio install problems

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Hi. recently,. I  facing some problems.

1. I uninstall old S32 designe  V1.1,  but then i want to install again,  it faces error "Error wrting LaunchAnyWhere components(Access Denied)".

2,. I install S32 designe V1.2 ,but  it Show" slect another decompression catalog, can not decompression 

Can you help me ?

ThankYou !

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


so - it's hard to say - but it looks like that some files are missing from your machine or you don't have rights to remove the files. Are you the user "d' ? The uninstaller for v1.1 is trying remove files for user "d". 

About second question - I have no idea. May be you don't have "temp" folder on your machine and installer can't write temporary files. But I'm guessing only. Or again - you don't have correct rights to perform installation. Ask your IT team for help. 


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