S32 Design Studio for Vision 2018.R1 (Windows/Linux) released!

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S32 Design Studio for Vision 2018.R1 (Windows/Linux) released!

S32 Design Studio for Vision 2018.R1 (Windows/Linux) released!





Product Release Announcement

Automotive Microcontrollers and Processors

S32 Design Studio for Vision 2018.R1





Austin, Texas, USA

November 23, 2018

The Automotive Microcontrollers and Processors’ Embedded Tools Team at NXP Semiconductors, is pleased to announce the release of the S32 Design Studio for Vision  2018.R1.

The S32 Design Studio enablement simplifies and accelerates the deployment of ADAS vision and neural network solutions in automotive, transportation and industrial applications. Here are some of its major features:

Release Content

  • S32 Debugger
  • ISP Graph Tool
  • APEX2 Graph Tool
  • NXP GCC Compiler 6.3
  • NXP Compiler for APU
  • Vision SDK 1.2.0

Complete S32 Design Studio for Vision 2018.R1 release notes are available here.


To download the installer please visit the S32 Design Studio product page downloads section or click the direct here.


The installer requires the Activation ID to be entered. You should receive a notification email including the Activation ID after the download of the installation package starts.

For more information about the product installation seS32DS Vision Installation Manual.


Technical Support

S32 Design Studio issues are tracked through the S32DS Public NXP Community space.



 While installing S32DS Vision Win32 v2018.R1, I get popup to enter Activation Code.
However, I can not find the Activation Code anywhere.
Can I get an Activation Code?
The Software Notification email did not include an Activation Code.
=====      email
====       web

Hello justinkim‌,

Thank you for reporting this issue. We have contacted IT and hope to have it resolved shortly.

Best Regards,


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