S32 Design Studio for S32 Platform v3.4 (Windows/Linux) released!

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S32 Design Studio for S32 Platform v3.4 (Windows/Linux) released!

S32 Design Studio for S32 Platform v3.4 (Windows/Linux) released!






Product Release Announcement

Automotive Processing

S32 Design Studio for S32 Platform v3.4







Austin, Texas, USA

Dec 22, 2020


The Automotive Processing's Software Development Tools Engineering Team at NXP Semiconductors is pleased to announce the release of the 

S32 Design Studio v3.4

Here are some of the major features:

Eclipse Neon 2019.12 Framework

  • GNU tools:
    • GCC version 6.3.1 20170509, build 1620 revision g01b30c3
    • GCC version 9.2.0 20190812, build 1649 revision gaf57174
  • NPW support for GCC 9.2 toolchain (available for selected devices only)
  • S32 Configuration Tool framework 1.3 with the Pin, Clock, Peripheral, DCD, IVT, DDR and QuadSPI Configuration tools (SDK/RTD packages required to get support for particular device) 
  • The wizards for creating application, library projects and projects from project examples for the supported processor families
  • The S32DS Extensions and Updates tool
  • S32 Trace Tool
  • S32 Debugger support
  • PEMicro® debugger support
  • Lauterbach Trace32® support
  • Green Hills compiler support
  • S32 Flash Tool
  • Peripheral and System Registers view
  • SDK management
  • Support for importing MCAL configuration to a custom SDK
  • Support for migration:
    • project with GCC 6.3.1 toolchain to GCC 9.2 toolchain
    • S32DS for ARM  projects for S32K1 device to S32DS 3.3, including SDK*

available with S32K1 package, not yet released, more details could be found in Release Notes 

Release is available for download on NXP web and from S32DS 3.4. Please make sure that you get new activation ID for this version.
Support for S32S247TV and S32V23x is available on public update site and release location.

S32V23x support:

  • S32SDK S32V234 RTM 1.0.1 
  • S32 Configuration tools - Pins, Clocks, Peripheral (installed with SDK package)
  • S32 Debugger (with S32 Debug Probe) support for ARM cores
  • S32 Trace for A53 cores
  • GCC version 6.3.1 20170509, build 1574
  • S32 Flash Tool support
  • AMMCLIB 1.1.20
  • P&E and Lauterbach debuggers support

Note: Vision Extension package 1.2.0 with support for S32 Design Studio 3.4 is not yet available, if you need to work with VSDK and Vision tools - it is recommended to stay on S32DS 3.3 until a new version of Vision Extension package is released


S32S247TV support:

  • Support for S32S247TV new project wizards, GCC 6.3.1 and GHS compilers
  • S32SDK S32S247TV EAR 0.8.1 
  • S32 Configuration tools - Pins, CLocks, Peripheral, DCD, IVT (installed with SDK package)
  • S32 Debugger (with S32 Debug Probe) support 
  • S32 Flash Tool support
  • Lauterbach support

S32K1 support:

  • Support for S32K1xx new project wizards, GCC 6.3.1, IAR and GHS compilers
  • NXP GCC version 6.3.1 20170509, build 2017
  • S32SDK S32K1xx RTM 4.0.1
  • AMMCLIB 1.1.22
  • S32 Configuration tools - Pins, CLocks, Peripheral (installed with SDK package)
  • PEmicro, iSystem, Segger, IAR, Lauterbach  debuggers support

Support for S32V23x, S32S247TC, S32K1xx is provided on update site and archive SW32_S32DS_3.4.0_D2012.zip for offline use 


Complete S32 Design Studio for S32 Platform v3.4 release notes and Installation Guide are attached.



To download the installer please visit the S32 Design Studio product page download section or click the direct here.




The installer requires the Activation ID to be entered. You should receive a notification email including the Activation ID after the download of the installation package starts.


The installer installs just the base tools/package. In order to start development it is necessary to install at least one Development package. Currently the only development packages available are S32S2xxTV and S32V2xx. The application packages are managed by S32DS Extensions and Updates.






Technical Support

S32 Design Studio issues are tracked through the S32DS Public NXP Community space.




Hello I'm working on lin. I want to know how to install node configuration tool. 

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