S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture v2.1 (Windows/Linux) released!

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S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture v2.1 (Windows/Linux) released!

S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture v2.1 (Windows/Linux) released!





Product Release Announcement

Automotive Microcontrollers and Processors

S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture







The Automotive Microcontrollers and Processors’ Embedded Tools Team at NXP Semiconductors, is pleased to announce the release of the S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture version v2.1.

It is the successor of S32 Design Studio for Power 2017.R1. - the versioning scheme has changed.

Release content (What is new?)

  • Eclipse Neon 4.6 Framework
  • GNU Build Tools for e200 processors bld=1607 rev=gceb1328 (support VLE and BookE ISA, based on gcc 4.9.4 [1.February 2019], binutils 2.28 and gdb 7.8.2) - see the complete GCC release notes
  • Libraries included: newlib, newlib-nano and Freescale EWL2
  • P&E Multilink/Cyclone/OpenSDA (with P&E GDB Server) - updated (v1.7.2.201709281658)
  • New Project wizards to create application and library projects and projects from project examples for supported devices
  • Peripherals Register and Special Purpose Registers View
  • Fully integrated S32 SDK RTM v.3.0.0 (Windows only). For the details on the feature set of SDK please refer to SDK Release notes attached and Reference Manuals (Please note that SDK has Early Access Release status, which means that there could be some limitations and/or issues. Also note, the SDK is available for Windows host only).
  • SDK management included:

o FreeMASTER Serial Communication driver (v2.0 August 31th 2016)

Automotive Math and Motor Control Libraries(v1.1.15)

o Support for importing MCAL configuration to a custom SDK

o An SDK can be attached to a library project using the project wizard

  • Windriver Diab, and GreenHills compiler support by new project wizard (The Green Hills Software (GHS) compiler support depends on the availability of the Eclipse plug-in integrating GHS compiler compatible with the Eclipse Neon. Full support for the Green Hills Software compiler Eclipse Neon-compatible plug-in within S32DS for PA 2.1 was not validated in time for this release.)
  • Lauterbach, iSystem, and PLS debuggers support by new project wizard (The plugins to support Diab, iSystem, Lauterbach, and GreenHills are not included and have to be installed from the corresponding update site or installation.)
  • Kernel Aware debugging for FreeRTOS, eCOS, OSEK
  • Devices supported:
    • S32R274
    • S32R372
    • MPC5775B, MPC5775E
    • MPC5775K, MPC5774K
    • MPC5746R, MPC5745R, MPC5743R
    • MPC5777M
    • MPC5777C
    • MPC5748G, MPC5747G, MPC5746G
    • MPC5744B, MPC5745B, MPC5746B, MPC5744C, MPC5745C, MPC5746C
    • MPC5744P, MPC5743P, MPC5742P, MPC5741P
    • MPC5601P, MPC5602P, MPC5603P, MPC5604P
    • MPC5644B, MPC5644C, MPC5645B, MPC5645C, MPC5646B, MPC5646C
    • MPC5601D, MPC5602B, MPC5602C, MPC5602D, MPC5603B, MPC5603C, MPC5604B, MPC5604C, MPC5605B, MPC5606B, MPC5607B
    • MPC5606S
    • MPC5604E
    • MPC5644A, MPC5642A
    • MPC5643L
    • MPC5676R
    • MPC5632M, MPC5633M, MPC5634M
    • MPC5674F
    • MPC5673K, MPC5674K, MPC5675K
  • Collateral Getting Started pagepastedImage_7.png
  • The S32DS Extensions and Updates toolpastedImage_6.png
  • Migration guide to help migrate projects from an earlier version to S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture 2.

Bug Fixes

  • For detailed list of the GNU Tools bug fixes, refer to the release notes located in S32DS/ build_tools/powerpc-eabivle-4_9/
  • Fixed the semihosting issues with the EWL and NewLib libraries
  • Fixed the FLASH programming algorithm for MPC5744P
  • Added missing linker script sections for MPC5748G
  • Fixed reading values from the peripheral bridge A registers for MPC5634M
  • Fixed access to the RAM memory for MPC5634M
  • Removed unavailable addresses from the MPC574xB linker files
  • Added the -fstrict-volatile-bitfield compiler option to the project settings
  • Fixed secure connection to MPC5744P
  • Disabled RTTI for EWL library due to incompatibility with the GNU tools
  • Fixed importing/exporting projectinfo.xml with library settings

Complete S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture v2.1 release notes are available here

Installation Notes

To download the installer please visit the S32DS for Power Architecture product page: downloads section.

The installer requires the the NEW Activation ID to be entered during the installation. You should receive an email that includes your Activation ID after starting the installer downloading process:


Technical Support

S32 Design Studio issues are tracked through the S32DS Public NXP Community space:




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